Folios® Cheese Wraps™ Lamb Enchiladas


Our friend Alexia created this incredible Lamb Enchiladas recipe that has a fusion of Italian & Mexican flavors and uses Folios Cheese wraps as the cheesy tortilla. We can’t get enough of this recipe and hope you get to try this one at home!


Heat up a Large Pan till hot. Add Olive Oil. Add meat seasoning. Mix thoroughly. Add duck fat and mix. cook till no longer browned and no longer pink at all ; With heat off, Mix in Breading/Flour. Mix In onions, cilantro, + peppers. 

In a baking dish spread half of tomato mixture on the bottom of dish.

On a flat service place 1 cheese wrap on parchment paper. Make sure parchment has at least 2-4 excess inches. all around. 

Gently spread 1 Tbsp cream cheese on wrap. Next add a handful spinach. Lastly, add 2-3 Heaping Tbsps meat mixture. 

Roll cheese wrap gently. tucking filling in as you roll. Tuck parchment paper over roll to tighten roll. Place roll gently in baking dish. Repeat for all wraps. Cover w/ Tomato Sauce, + salsa. You can cover the finished dish with any leftovers meat or save it for another meal. 

Place in oven. Turn Broil on to High. Cook for 7-10,minutes. Remove once the cheese starts browning!

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