Keto Shredded Beef Folios® Cheese Wraps™ Tacos


A quality tortilla or taco shell is everything when making your dream taco. It must be perfectly foldable, must hold in all of the ingredients without a problem, mustn’t crumble & break with the first bite, and must be delicious! Luckily, Folios Cheese Wraps make the perfect crispy or soft keto tacos!

Our friends at Primal Kitchen created these delicious Keto tacos that feature Folios Cheese Wraps as the tortilla and some of their amazing products to really make them extra special. To fill their Folios, they used slow cooked beef chuck roast that is well seasoned with Primal Kitchen’s Spicy Unsweetened Ketchup to make tender strands of spicy shredded beef, shredded raw cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cilantro for garnish and cotija cheese for that extra cheeziness.

Head over to Primal Kitchen’s blog to see the full recipe. You can also visit them on their web site, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.