Where can I buy Folios® Cheese Wraps™?

Low-Carb Cheese Wraps Are Coming to Costco Soon, And We Can’t Wait


We have good news for everyone trying to cut carbs—Costco is going to start selling low-carb cheese wraps! Much better than a tortilla, these wraps are made entirely out of baked cheese, and the options for them are endless. You could use them for a burrito, a lunch wrap, or even crisp them up in the microwave and make them into a bowl (taco salad, anyone?).

Right now, Folios’ cheese wraps come in three different flavors: Parmesan, cheddar, and Jarlsberg. Since all three wraps have only 1 gram of carbs but are a little high in fat (12 grams of fat for the Jarlsberg wraps, and 13 for the cheddar and Parmesan versions), they’re a great way for keto dieters to enjoy wraps and sandwiches.

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